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Lake Bank Pond Maintenance & Stabilization

The environment around us is being affected in so many ways leading to chronic health problems. It has become mandatory to implement measures for control as otherwise, all that we have sought to achieve can simply vanish due to the toxicity in our surroundings. One place that has become hugely affected by pollution in recent times is lakes and ponds. International Subsea Services have the expertise and experience in carrying out restoration of such water bodies to perfection, giving desired results fast. If you are looking for one of the best slope stabilization contractors near me or lakeshore and pond restoration near me in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay area, call us right away!

Lake Bank and Pond Stabilization Contractors Near You in South Florida

It is indeed sad to see beautiful water bodies being turned into a natural disaster due to pollution. With our services, you can restore them to a beautiful, normal condition, thus experiencing the happiness and healthiness of a healthy environment that has been evading you for so long. Over the past decades, we have gained extensive knowledge and skills in shoreline and hillside water bodies restoration and preservation. We have more than 20 years of local experience in the commercial offshore industry and we have gained experience and expertise that can give considerable assistance to clients, according to their specific needs.

Here is a look at what we offer for lake bank and pond stabilization and installation:

  • Specialized knowledge in various types of subsea solutions.
  • Licensed dealer in Dredge Sox products.
  • Solutions for environmental assets maintenance like shoreline restoration, wetland mitigation, debris removal, etc.
  • Use high-quality and latest equipment by expert staff when implementing a solution.
  • High Quality inspection services that report on the result of measures set in place to protect the lake bank and pond environment.

Best Shoreline Erosion Control & Restoration Services in Clearwater, St. Petersburg & Tampa

When you look at the environment around you and notice that beautiful lakes, rivers, banks, or ponds are highly polluted to such an extent that they are beyond self-recovery, it is time to take action! Urbanization has affected people's lives in so many ways and this is an example of its negative impact. You can be part of a movement that stops pollution of water bodies by calling our experts and finding out how we can help to get them back to their original condition, thus bringing back a beautiful environment once again into your lives.

International Subsea Services - Experts in Lake Bank, Pond Stabilization & Wetland Management

Pollutants that get inside such water bodies cause eutrophication, wherein algae start growing in them as well as undesirable weeds such as hyacinth. Due to the presence of algae, sunlight will not enter ponds, lakes, or rivers which reduces their dissolved oxygen levels causing problems to the survival of aquatic life. There is also anaerobic degradation of organic matter which results in foul-smelling gases being produced such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide. However such detrimental effects can be eliminated through International Subsea Services for sustainable restoration of various polluted water bodies like lakes, ponds, estuaries, etc. Our state-of-the-art shoreline and hillside stabilization and installation services will bring back water bodies in the worst state back to their original condition, giving you a pollution-free and clean environment to enjoy. Get free onsite estimates for your residential or commercial property today. Call us now and book an appointment to speak to our professional staff about such problems near your area in in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay area, and how to solve them using our lakeshore and pond restoration, slope stabilization, bank stabilization, shoreline stabilization, and installation techniques.

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