DredgeSOX Erosion Solutions

Discover Sustainable Shoreline Management with DredgeSOX Solutions

DredgeSOX erosion control solution stands as a pioneering answer to a spectrum of shoreline and slope erosion challenges. Engineered with innovation, it employs a patented system featuring a dual layer of knitted polyethylene mesh fortified with rip-stop technology. This design ensures resilience and longevity, effectively combating erosion threats. With International Subsea Services, you benefit from a collaborative approach. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and offer tailored solutions that align with your vision. From first consultation to the completion of the project, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Protect Your Shoreline with DredgeSOX Erosion Control Solution

The functionality of the DredgeSOX system revolves around anchoring the double-layered mesh to stable embankments, subsequently filling it with dredging sediment erosion control. This meticulous process yields an integrated, sturdy, and steadfast living shoreline or slope. It furnishes immediate erosion control while facilitating the growth of vegetation. The versatility of this system extends to projects involving various water bodies like lakes and streams, as well as dry hillside environments. DredgeSOX installation is streamlined and efficient, typically involving the driving of stakes into the ground, unfurling the material across the designated area, and filling it with suitable backfill material.

A standout attribute of DredgeSOX lies in its minimal environmental footprint. Once vegetation permeates the mesh material, the system seamlessly integrates into its natural surroundings, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the utilization of locally sourced fill material and the thoughtful design contribute to its sustainability.








Install DredgeSOX Erosion Control System with Confidence

In your quest to safeguard coastal assets, entrust the installation of the DredgeSOX erosion control system to seasoned professionals. International Subsea Services offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise spans over two decades, ensuring the meticulous execution of your erosion control project.

As your premier DredgeSOX installer near me, we prioritize precision and efficiency. Our skilled team is up-to-date with the knowledge and resources to handle every aspect of the installation process seamlessly. Whether you're grappling with slope erosion, lake bank erosion, or shoreline erosion, our expertise ensures optimal results.

DredgeSOX emerges as the solution of choice for a myriad of applications, including slope erosion, lake bank erosion, stream bank erosion, and shoreline erosion. Its adaptability caters to a diverse clientele, encompassing contractors, engineers, golf course professionals, homeowner associations, and municipalities.

Find a Trusted DredgeSOX Contractor Near Your Area

When it comes to erosion control, proximity matters; that's why International Subsea Services extends its expertise to your doorstep. As a trusted DredgeSOX contractor, we serve clients across North Port, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and beyond in Florida. Don't let erosion compromise the integrity of your coastal assets. Partner with International Subsea Services and fortify your shoreline with confidence. Our commitment to excellence and superior service ensures peace of mind throughout every stage of your erosion control project.

Enhance Shoreline Stability with Our Innovative DredgeSOX Erosion Control Solutions

Discover the transformative power of DredgeSOX shoreline stabilization control. Engineered for durability and efficacy, this innovative solution offers protection against shoreline erosion. With DredgeSOX, you can rest assured knowing that your shoreline is fortified against the erosive forces of nature. Experience the difference firsthand and safeguard your coastal assets with confidence.

Contact International Subsea Services for Improving Your Living Shoreline

For over two decades, International Subsea Services has been at the forefront of erosion control solutions. Our commitment to sustainability and excellence, coupled with our expertise, ensures optimal results for every project. Protect your shoreline with confidence. Contact International Subsea Services today to learn more about our DredgeSOX erosion control solutions and discover how we can safeguard your coastal assets for years to come.

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