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We are experts at residential demolition! From removing a single wall or garage to tearing down an entire home, we have the equipment and expertise to make this step of your project easy and efficient. We draft and open all permits necessary and work in compliance with city and county regulations to ensure all aspects of your demolition are handled correctly. Your satisfaction is our top priority so we work meticulously to remove all debris so can start using your new space right after we leave! We are reputable house demolition contractors near your area in Pinellas County, Florida who has been in the business of doing such demolition activities for years. Over the years of local Florida experience, we have built a reputation as professional contractors who can get the required mobile home demolition, house removal, and home disposal activities completed on time, without any disruption to areas close by. We also provide a wide range of subsea solution services such as shoreline hillside restoration, lake pond maintenance, maintenance dredging, erosion sediment control solutions, etc.

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Are you looking for a way to get that old home demolished so that a new home can be built in its place or perhaps it is a large worn old building that served as an estate but needs to be brought down for a mall or a small business complex? Check out International Subsea’s commercial and residential home demolition, removal, mobile home disposal, and pool demolition services. Our staffs have the latest equipment to carry out the demolition to perfection. They do a neat, clean job that has the entire place in proper condition in no time at all. Our staff is trained to manage such residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the most efficient manner. They put down the plan on how the entire structure can be broken down, use the best equipment, and manage it in the shortest possible time so that you have the clear land area needed for your upcoming project.








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We have managed some of the most complex mobile home removal and disposal projects time and gain successfully, giving clients the satisfaction that they are seeking. So, if you are on the lookout for mobile home demolition, removal, and disposal, or are you seeking disposal home demolition companies near me in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay area, call us right away. Talk to our staff and tell us what you need so that we can do the needful so that your upcoming project can be completed without any delays.

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We are licensed, insured, and local home demolition contractors near your location, so rest assured that by coming to us, your demolishment task is in the hands of professionals. Our aim is to cater to client needs in every way, so we listen to your requirements in detail before planning the demolition project. Many clients have come to us with an area located in a terrain that is difficult to clear. It is in a remote location and needs expert assistance to pull off the structure and vegetation surrounding it so that a project can be carried out. Look into our quality services to get exactly the kind of demolition and removal done on time and according to your requirements. When searching for residential home demolition near me in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa Bay area, check out our services.

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Residential and Commercial Demolition, Removal & Disposal in the Pinellas County, FL Area

International Subsea Services offer experienced and professional staff who knows how to plan and execute residential house and commercial building demolition ranging from small to large. We also offer land clearing, cemetery maintenance, inspection, project management and other subsea solution services for commercial and residential applications. Over the years we have undertaken varying projects and have done it on a variety of old structures that simply could not be maintained or are so worn out that demolition had to be done to make way for a new, latest structure. Our staff is trained, skilled in using various types of equipment which are the latest, modern, and standard ones designed for this particular activity. Call us now and fix an appointment for consulting. Let us ease out the cumbersome task of residential home demolishment for you so that you have the land and place needed to begin your brand-new project with confidence. Call us today for a free estimate!

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